I started using Chat GPT in 2022 before most people knew AI content creation tools existed. I checked a lot of popular tools like Jasper.ai, SE Ranking, Surfer SEO, Contadu, Copymatic, writecream.com, and in-app integratedย generative AI solutions.

Is it good to use AI for content writing?

I don’t recommend using any AI content creation tool without human reviewers involved in the process. AI content generators are trained on the content that already exists on the internet and it will not give any extra value to your users. It can harm your SEO on top of that.

I am strongly against publishing purely AI-generated content. We should use these tools to help us in the content creation process and to save time. They’re not able to generate truly engaging blog posts and the evolution of the human imagination is an ongoing process that never stops and cannot be replaced with AI algorithms.

Which AI writing tool is the best?

The two tools I use the most to speed up my content writing process are NeuronWriter and ChatGPT4. Why? Their high quality is a real deal and I honestly think that apart from the fact that it sometimes adds super sophisticated words or invents or mixes one fact or another ๐Ÿ˜‰ you should try it. None of the tools I tried is free from this.

Also, they’re both very affordable. The ChatGPT 4 monthly fee is $24.60 (as of 15/3/2024) and has a limit of 40 messages in 3 hours. 

NeuronWriter is currently listed in App Sumo for as little as $89 for a lifetime license. For $89 you get 15k AI credits a month till the end of your/product life. It contributes to either 15k high-quality or 75k words of lower-quality.

Screenshot of a comment on App Sumo by NeuronWriter CEO Pawel Sokolowski, proving that 15k credits is 15k words.

This is way cheaper than a Surfer SEO subscription. Surfer, a very popular AI-powered tool, costs $89 monthly and doesn’t even have AI writing in the essential plan. Every single AI article is $19 on top of your plan.

The rest of the tools didn’t impress me with the output quality as their articles were very simple and the facts and data used in the outputs were very basic.

Moreover, If you ever decide to go with SE Ranking paid subscription all your content projects will be gone after the subscription is cancelled. In my opinion it is super unfair because I paid to create these articles back then and their availability is killed just because I didn’t want to continue.

Is there any good, free AI content generator?



On the website, it says that the free plan is lifetime free and that you get 2,000 AI credits per month. 2,000 credits equals 2,000 words in high-quality content so it’s perfectly safe to say you can get 2 great articles monthly.

Screenshot from Contadu, one of the very good AI content creation tools. The screenshot is featuring banners with their free plan option.

Contadu has exactly the same design and functionalities as NeuronWriter. In fact, NeuronWriter is a part of CONTADU and these two websites are run and owned by the same company โ€“ Conti sp. z o.o.

ChatGPT 3.5


Chat GPT 3.5 is free to use and can generate any type of content. You can tell the tool to change something in the copy and my most common request is: “Don’t use sophisticated words, use slightly simpler language”.

It will most definitely not produce anything close to engaging content. Pro tip: teach it your preferred tone of voice. You can get back later to your project, submit a very similar request, and get a very similar output with the desired “parameters”:

Screenshot of Chat GPT dashboard used in content creation.

How does AI help in content creation?

AI can help a lot during the content production process. To help you get the full potential of AI, without the risk of creating repetitive and not useful articles, here is a breakdown of my process where AI tools play a key role:

Keyword research and competitor analysis with NeuronWriter

I perform my own keyword research before putting any input to the AI writing tool but they’re very useful in terms of unused (so far) suggested keywords and also in competitor analysis:

Screenshot from NeuronWriter - one of the best AI tools for content creation. NeuronWriter is giving me suggestions which keywords I should still use in my copy.

Meta title and meta description creation with AI

I usually ask AI for content ideas and then optimize the title/description so it has a “human touch” and isn’t just another version of “Top 10 Best AI Content Creation Tools to Streamline Your Work in 2024”.

NeuronWriter screenshot showcasing the use of button allowing me to AI-generate meta description for my article.

Writing a single AI paragraph

AI tools can also help me when I need to write a text for a product page that should be written in a different tone of voice than I am used to using. For example, one of my clients is a luxury real estate advisor. No matter how hard I try, ChatGPT can find more suitable uses of “unparalleled”:

With breathtaking panoramic views that stretch to the horizon, the residence offers an unparalleled living experience.

I take the paragraph and make sure the words are not too far out. (Example: Nestled in an exclusive enclave, this majestic estate epitomizes luxury and sophistication).

How do you humanize AI content?

  1. Read the AI generated content carefully!
  2. Make sure it is easy to read. You can also copy paste it to wordcounter.net to display the average reading level. For most blog posts, the best practice is to aim for a 8-9 grade reading level.
  3. More and more people are browsing the web using Google Voice Search. Optimize your content for voice queries.

    What does it mean? Try to think of commands or questions that people might ask and put them into your article. Check Google’s “People also ask”. Organize it as a question-answer structure. It’s also good in terms of optimizing for semantic SEO.

  4. Add links and resources to data used in the article. Make it reliable.
  5. What is your point of view? Did you add any unique ideas to your article?


You can use AI as a content creator, as long as you don’t rely too much on AI technology. Don’t expect the AI articles to blow the minds of your audience and make sure the text is easy to read and actually correct because even the best AI tools like to invent one or two facts and mix them with one another.

Carefully used, many AI content creation tools can speed up your content marketing efforts.