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Search engine optimization
Barbara Sawala SEO consultant
Barbara Sawala
SEO consultant and manager

Barb is a part of our SEO consulting team and a founder of Intent Guru. She has worked in several SEO agencies, as an in-house SEO expert, and as a freelancer. Finally, she decided to start her own SEO agency to really help people achieve their goals.

Her ENFJ personality made her skilled at understanding the needs and priorities of her clients as ENFJ people are highly empathic and have an uplifting nature. She makes honest connections with people and aims to understand client's needs so that she can deliver the best possible ROI.

Naturally curious, Barb is an SEO expert and the founder of an SEO group for women in Poland, where she teaches SEO to over 1,400 women, helping them transition from low to high-paid careers.

Fun fact: her first business idea was to produce a hand-rest device when she was only 5 years old. Today, she believes it should be more than just a rest device, integrating a comforting hand-holding feature along with a rejuvenating oxygen massage.

Caucasian women with dyed curly long hair and green eyes. She is a part of Intent Guru SEO team.
Anna Fabiszak
Marketing Coordinator

As a coordinator of agency activities, Anna is an exceptionally meticulous individual, with nothing escaping her attention.

Having been involved in the eCommerce industry for many years, she specializes in increasing sales in online stores and on external platforms such as Allegro and Amazon.

Anna is a marketer skilled at link building, utilizing various strategies to enhance website authority and visibility across search engines. Additionally, her expertise in content marketing ensures engaging and strategic content that resonates with target audiences and drives conversions.

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